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We Are Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 12, 2016

As the world famous QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC., part of the effort and key technical staff and  workers of qingdao foundry machine co.,ltd. re-build the company, after the reorganization, the company is division by a shot blasting machine company,foundry machinery company,environmental protection equipment company, three subsidiaries, and an international company.

The company has a variety of imported machining centers, milling machines, boring machines, testing equipment and more processing and testing force. The company experienced ups and downs, has accumulated more than 10 new varieties developed to shot blasting and strengthening, electrical and computer control technology to the highest level. The latest batch of shot blasting machine developed high-tech products through rigorous identification, authentication, has been replaced by imported products in the domestic market. The company developed its own series of world-class steel plate round shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine drum inclination, track straight through type shot blasting machine, 75Kw straight blast wheel couplings, a variety of products into the international market, to compete in North and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia more than 50 countries and regions have been highly rated German and European customers.

Domestic and foreign companies over the years to provide users with excellent casting machinery and equipment shot blasting machines. In recent years, the company's product development goes far beyond the scope of professional casting machinery, now in pre-treatment, post-treatment and shot blasting strengthen the development of the field of more than 30 new products and efficient casting machine. The company developed a steel plate pretreatment line with the international advanced level of pre-heating plate, blasting, painting, drying automatic production line, to fill the gap, now Shanghai Hudong Shipyard, Hangxiao, Fuzhou Mawei Shipyard, multiple units Dalian Shipyard, Maanshan Iron and steel plant, Baoji bridge works, Handan Iron and steel, the United States Jimmy Carter, Dalian wind power equipment Group, GWS, Guangzhou Shipyard international Co., Ltd., etc., have been using the company's production of steel pretreatment equipment replace the pretreatment production line imported, so that domestic enterprises to rid itself of relying solely on imports for domestic aircraft, steel, machinery, casting and other industries, provides the ideal key equipment. Over the years, the company promoting the development of China's machinery industry in the field of shot blasting machines, industrial equipment and complete sets of equipment and strengthen economic, technical and trade has made unremitting efforts.

We are now in a positive and pioneering spirit, the introduction and use of foreign investment in the wave of market economy, the rapid development of their economies of scale, and enhance awareness of market competition to the vanguard of the gesture at the forefront of the industry. The company leading the world authority of the company's proprietary technology to strengthen the blast cleaning technology and complete sets of complete sets of core shooter technology and software, the company blasting sand processing technology and technology is the first advanced in the world. The successful development of ZJ series turntable shot blast machine for supporting the production of the automotive industry has opened up new areas of the domestic introduction of Volkswagen, Citroen and Iveco vehicle suspension springs, key pieces of leaf springs, connecting rods, gears, conducted advanced blasting strengthening treatment.

The company not only give full play to the production of casting machinery has a long history, product variety of advantages, but there are plans to attract foreign investment, the rational use of foreign investment, strengthen and expand the company's production capacity. The company retaining the original sand, clean-up, three categories based modeling leading quality products on the sand Shot products in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp for surface cleaning, strengthening, rust provides the ideal projectile material, not only to meet the needs of users in this regard, but mechanical cleaning equipment for the casting of supporting the development has played a positive role in promoting.

Company as a research and production in one country shot blasting machine, blasting machine, core shooting machine, sand mixer bowl earliest history of casting machine manufacturer, has introduced DISA shot blasting, shot blasting Germany, Britain Greenspan game Shot machine technology, is the most high-end manufacturer of casting machinery shot blasting machines.

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