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Wet Sand Blasting Pot Was Finished And Delivered

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jan 26, 2018



Wet sand blasting pot used in precision molds, electronic parts, piston rings, aviation parts, titanium
Pieces of surface pretreatment, circular saw blades and oil cleaners.
1. Can use ultra-fine abrasive for precision work-piece surface treatment;
2. Sandblasting liquid recycling, low consumption of sand, nozzle wear is small, low cost of production;
4. Simple operation, less failure rate;
5. Clean the heat treatment parts, welding parts, castings, forgings and other surface oxide scale, cleaning quality can reach Sa3 level
6. Micro-burrs, surface residues, and the like
7. The roughness Ra value of the work-piece surface can be increased or decreased within a certain range
8. Change the stress state of the work-piece surface, can improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of parts
9. To improve the movement with the occasional lubrication conditions, can reduce the movement with the occasional movement of noise, etc .; can also be used for renovation of the old pieces.

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