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Wheel Brand-building Book

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

When it comes to branding, and I think everyone knows, in our real life, full of a wide variety of brands, especially some of the brand is closely linked with our life, we can be heard. 

Mentioned mobile phones, people naturally think of Apple mention of cars, people will naturally think of Mercedes-Benz, BMW; mention shoes, everyone will think of Nike; mention of television, you would think Sony, Panasonic also has much to do with the lives of our brands and numerous. 

Besides, there are also non-brand into our field of vision, such as landmarks and features of regional and cultural characteristics. For example, a reference to United States, just think of the statue of liberty, a reference to China, just think of the great wall, a reference to France, just think of aifeierta, a reference to tourism will think of Bali, and so on. 

A successful brand deeply rooted in people's minds, people praise it, enjoy it and even take pride in this. Formation of brand So what is a brand?Narrowly speaking, is a product logo. Broadly speaking, brands can be said to be representative of the characteristics of an object, a representative of the geographical features, a service representative, or even a representative of the creative mind. 

A brand that has more than one identity of the product range, which contains very rich in content, including the quality, functions, features, services, which contains the most important content of quality brand, feature, feature, service is an important content brand supplements. 

Quality and brand are not isolated, quality is the premise and basis of the brand, brand is a guarantee of quality and representation of functions, features, services are an important complement to brand, brand and quality is dialectical unity of both inseparable. If quality of safflower, functions, features, services like leaves. 

Flowers without leaves, lack of vitality, spent it's too drab; there are no flowers, the lack of focus, hollow, only the red and the Green perfectly, compliment each other, flowers look more beautiful, green leaves look more vibrant. Brand and quality, functions, features and services are grouped together, forming a characteristic brand, highlights the infinite vitality of the brand. From unknown to world famous brands, to go through a long process of sedimentation, to stand it long time practice tests, only tried and tested products, to obtain the people's approval. 

To create a good brand, can not be separated from the following aspects: 

1, quality is the essence of brandBrand is the essence of quality, without any other alternative. Any product is not well-known, must go through a long period of precipitation, in the process, the multiple uses of products, comparison, evaluation, feedback, good people always talk about the quality of mouth, rushed to buy, the brand has gradually established a good reputation in the market. 

Poor quality brands have the opposite result, select it once again, haven't people heard that bad not to choose, poor quality products can not be recognized by the people and favor, of course, cannot be based on market, in the tide of market competition can only be killed on the beach.Competing products in the market competition conditions in the jungle like animals, also follow the laws of natural selection, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest. 

Like the cell phone industry, Apple, Samsung is a major competitor, millet in China, Huawei, Lenovo and compete for this market, but the brand is still not beyond the two. On the surface, is the competition between brands, in fact, than is the quality, functionality, features, and services. 

Samsung and Apple have been constantly updated in terms of quality, in terms of quality, function, characteristics, services continued to fuss, no strong research and development capability in the information age is difficult to survive in the information industry. 

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