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    • Steel Structures Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowSteel Structures Shot Blasting MachineSteel Structures Shot Blasting Machine is designed and produced a new type of special equipment according to the requirements of users, is a clean welding structure, casting machine, steel and steel pipe multifunctRead More

    • Flexible Roller Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowFlexible Roller Shot Blasting MachineFlexible Roller Shot Blasting Machine can from the castings remove sand and cores, convenient for forging and casting for shot blasting treatment, mixed surface treatment. Shot blasting machine from floatingRead More

    • Wire Rod Through Type Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowWire Rod Through Type Shot Blasting MachineWire Rod Through Type Shot Blasting Machine is suitable for remove rust and clean the surface of wire rods.Using blast wheel / turbine which is produced by advanced technology throwing four shares beam to hit the fast-moving wire circumferential and it can removal on the layer of rust and oxide, and thus obtain clean metal surface, metal products manufacturing use this machine and benefits are as follows: Remove rust and oxide layer on the surface of the wire.Read More

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