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Sand Blasting room

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    • Catenary Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowCatenary Shot Blasting MachineCatenary Shot Blasting Machine is suitable for processing large quantities of the workpiece. From a structural form, can generally be divided by type Q38 series of continuous, Q48 series of ordinary cRead More

    • Steel Structures Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowSteel Structures Shot Blasting MachineSteel Structures Shot Blasting Machine is designed and produced a new type of special equipment according to the requirements of users, is a clean welding structure, casting machine, steel and steel pipe multifunctRead More

    • Dustless Wet Sand Blasting Pot

      Contact NowDustless Wet Sand Blasting PotWet sand blasting pot used in precision molds, electronic parts, piston rings, aviation parts, titanium Pieces of surface pretreatment, circular saw blades and oil cleaners. Features: 1. Can use ultra-fine abrasive for precision work-piece surface treatment; 2. Sandblasting liquid recycling, low...Read More

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