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Steel sand blasting machine

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    • Litchi Surface Stone Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowLitchi Surface Stone Shot Blasting Machinelitchi surface stone shot blasting machine processed stone litchi surface and manual litchi surface are similar, there will be the failure surface is uniform, there is obvious law of particles. to overcome the difficulty of manual litchi surface processing speed slow, a litchi surface machine also has great speed.Read More

    • China Manufacturer Tilting Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowChina Manufacturer Tilting Drum Type Shot Blasting MachineContinuous tilting drum type shot blasting machine using the unique roller shake structure, in the shot blasting projecting, the drum can not only rotate ,but also up and down shake, so the tube inside the workpiece without an omission to be stirred, steel balls are uniform projection, to achieve uniform treatment effect.Read More

    • Shot Peening Machine

      Contact NowShot Peening MachineSand blasting machine are suitable for all metal, plastic and glass products surface treatment.Read More

    • Movable Steel Plate Sandblasting Machine

      Contact NowMovable Steel Plate Sandblasting MachineFloor blasting is the most advanced construction technology at home.Read More

    • Double Hooks Type Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowDouble Hooks Type Shot Blasting MachineQ37 series: hook hanging type, shot blasting machine is used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel structural parts, castings, aluminum alloys and other spare parts. It is widely used in foundry, forging, mechanical and steel industries. In particular, the Q378 series features no required foundation footings, multiple-hook hanging without changing the travel rails, a compact structure, and high productivity.Read More

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