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Surfce Treatment Shot Blasting Machines

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    • Small Sandblaster Sand Blasting Pot

      Contact NowSmall Sandblaster Sand Blasting PotPortable Pressure Pot Sandblaster is special designed to dedicate surface treatment requirements for large structural parts, cars, dump trucks and others.Portable Pressure Pot Sandblaster is powered wRead More

    • Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowRubber Belt Shot Blasting MachineRubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine can be used to derust and strengthen the surface of workpiece with mass productions.2. The workpiece must accept collision.3. This Tumble Type Shot Blasting MachineRead More

    • Double Hooks Type Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowDouble Hooks Type Shot Blasting MachineQ37 series: hook hanging type, shot blasting machine is used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel structural parts, castings, aluminum alloys and other spare parts. It is widely used in foundry, forging, mechanical and steel industries. In particular, the Q378 series features no required foundation footings, multiple-hook hanging without changing the travel rails, a compact structure, and high productivity.Read More

    • Double Station Coiled Wire Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowDouble Station Coiled Wire Shot Blasting MachineThis machine is the best special equipment to clean the disc round wire , the use of the surface layer of scale blasting process clear and steel wire surface oxide formed by rolling.Steel billet shot after cleaning up the entire surface rust grade rating to Sa2.5 surface roughness level reaches...Read More

    • New Type Blasting Machine Rotating Table Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowNew Type Blasting Machine Rotating Table Shot Blasting MachineRotary table shot blasting machine are probably the most frequently supplied type of machine. Typical applications Rust and heat scale removal Paint stripping Surface texturing Preparation for painting, bonding and plating Corrosion removal Deburring, deflashing Cleaning Cosmetic finishingRead More

    • Steel Structures Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowSteel Structures Shot Blasting MachineSteel Structures Shot Blasting Machine is designed and produced a new type of special equipment according to the requirements of users, is a clean welding structure, casting machine, steel and steel pipe multifunctRead More

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