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    • High-strength Rotary Table Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowHigh-strength Rotary Table Hook Type Shot Blasting MachineRotary Table Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is mainly consist of shot blasting, shot sand separator workpiece carrying device, sand recycling system, dust removal system and body composition. Workpiece carrying device is to distinguish the main mark of shot blasting equipment type, different carrying castings in the form of different types, and shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine, shot sand separator is shot blasting machine part of the core design.Read More

    • Qingdao Supplier Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowQingdao Supplier Steel Plate Shot Blasting MachineSteel Plate Shot Blasting Equipment are mainly used for treating long and/or flat components. The components continuously pass through the "pre"chamber, the blasting chamber, and the cleaning chamberRead More

    • Road Surface Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowRoad Surface Shot Blasting MachineRoad Surface Blast Machines is by mechanical means the pellets at high speed and at an angle to the working surface of the projectile, so that the pellets impact the road surface, the road surface rouRead More

    • Double Hooks Type Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowDouble Hooks Type Shot Blasting MachineQ37 series: hook hanging type, shot blasting machine is used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel structural parts, castings, aluminum alloys and other spare parts. It is widely used in foundry, forging, mechanical and steel industries. In particular, the Q378 series features no required foundation footings, multiple-hook hanging without changing the travel rails, a compact structure, and high productivity.Read More

    • Durble Rubber & Steel Belt Tumblast Machine for Foundry

      Contact NowDurble Rubber & Steel Belt Tumblast Machine for FoundryGN Series Tumble Blast Machine is widely used in small and medium size castings and forgings, stampings, gears and springs of surface cleaning, shot peening, tumbling and vibratory finishing. This type of machine is particularly suitable for shot blasting of small parts loaded in bulk.Read More

    • Good After-Service Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine

      Contact NowGood After-Service Steel Belt Shot Blasting MachineThe machine adopts the endless STEEL BELT apron to form a special barrel, and make the work pieces tumble continuously during shot blasting process.It is mainly used in forging work pieces and metal wRead More

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