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Surfce Treatment Machine Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machines

Surfce Treatment Machine Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machines

Basic Info

Model NO.:Q35Condition:New
Good Quality:Long Life TimeColor:Blue or Named Color
OEM:OEM ServiceMachine:Hanger Shot Blasting Machine
Price:Competitive PriceService:Excellent Service
Shipment:Shipment on TimeCost:Low
Clean Type:AutomaticSpecification:ISO9000
Origin:Qingdao, Qingdao, ChinaBrand:KNNJOO

Rotary table shot blast machines


1. The wheel placement allows for multiple impacts on the part, not just one! This ensures that any part whether short, tall, wide, or narrow is effectively blasted and minimises repositioning.

2. This machine is used for cleaning of dies, forgings, castings, welded, braised parts, and application of cleaning in metal heat treatment process. Especially used to shot blast the work pieces which fear the collision.

3. Through the location of the blast reasonable projection of high-strength shot against the surface to clear the sticky surface of the sand and attachments oxide, surface strengthen and improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece.

4. It has the advantages of high productivity, low consumption of power, small area-taken, easy maintenance and operation. It also can improve productivity and it is a real time-saver.

We offer automatic loading/unloading equipment for this kind of shot blasting machine.

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