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High Technology Production Line Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

QXY series steel pretreatment line is designed and produced by adopting the advantages of similar products from both withinthe country and abroad.The rusting cleaning part (shot blast cleaning) adopts


QXY series steel pretreatment line is designed and produced by adopting the advantages of similar products from both within

the country and abroad.

The rusting cleaning part (shot blast cleaning) adopts high-efficient blast wheel and full shutter type shot sand separator. The sweeping machine adopts specially made high-strength nylon rolling brush and high-pressure ventilator. The preheating and drying part may adopt various heating methods. The paint spraying part adopts high-pressure airless spraying method. The complete set of equipment is controlled by PLC, and is the large-size complete equipment of international advanced.

It is mainly used for surface treatment (namely preheating, rust removal, paint spraying and drying) of steel plate and various structural sections, as well as for cleaning and strengthening of metal structural parts.

Brief introduction:

It is developed for the derusting and painting treatment of steel plate, steel profiles and structural parts used for ships, automobiles, locomotives, bridges, engineering machines and so on, It could be tailored according to customers' needs, and its work flow is mainly constituted by preheating, shot blasting, painting and drying.


Our steel profile shot blasting machine achieves accurate, effective paint spraying.A workpiece width measuring device is installed at the inlet of the spray booth.The PLC controls paint spraying operations of the spray gun according to the measured data.In this way, the paint squeezed out of the nozzle can be effectively sprayed onto the workpiece surface, which helps improve paint utilization.


It is a piece of shot blast equipment which can perform preheating, shot blasting, paint spraying and drying processes.It is mainly used for removing surface rust, contaminants and spraying paint onto the surface of steel boards, steel profiles and structural components in industries such as shipping, automobile, motorcycle, bridge, machinery, etc.

System configuration:

As an effective steel plate preservation line, it offers reliable surface preparation solutions since it is scientifically designed and meticulously crafted.

1,blast chamber, Pre-blast room and Post-blast room

It is made from steel plate and profile steel via welding, and they take high chrome steel plate or Mn13 liners inside to protect from blasting.

QXY series Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

1.Steel descaled by this system can lengthen die life, improve burning, welding and machining operations, and provide the proper surface finish for the application of modern coatings.

2.It is mainly formed by pre-heating part, descaling part, spraying paint part and drying part.

3.The descaling part formed by the cantilever centrifugal type impeller heads, the full shutter type sand separator.

4.The pills cleaning adopted high strength nylon rolls and high pressure blower second level cleaning device.

5.The pre-heating and drying part adopted various heating modes, such as electricity, fuel gas, fuel oil and so on.

6.The spraying paint part adopted the high pressure airless spraying.

7.The full line is centralized controlled by Industrial Personal Computer (IPC).

8.As the shape of steel plate is almost regular before processed, it is helpful for mechanical rust removal and automation of spraying paint, improving the efficiency of dust removing, reducing the intensity of labor and environment pollution.

9.Mainly used in the field of shipbuilding, locomotive, antiseptic project and bridge construction industries.

Technical parameters of sheet steel pretreatment line

Processing speed(m/s)0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4
Shot blasting rate(kg/min)4*2504*2506*2506*2506*3606*3608*3608*360
Thckness of paint (um)15-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-25
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