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Swing Bed Shot Blasting Machine

Swing Bed Shot Blasting Machine has a multi angle swing bed, can realize the automatic, continuous, dust-free cleaning.Continuous through swing bed shot blasting cleaning machine is automatic, continuous, dus


Swing Bed Shot Blasting Machine has a multi angle swing bed, can realize the automatic, continuous, dust-free cleaning.

Continuous through swing bed shot blasting cleaning machine is automatic, continuous, dust-free shot blasting cleaning equipment, with a high degree of flexibility, can respond to changing production requirements, can quickly adapt to the production efficiency and processing technology and market demand changes. The production process automation, to ensure the efficient, low operation cost and improve the working environment. Compared with the other shot blasting machine and its advanced nature:

Fully automated production process, a substantial increase in production consistency

Realize the continuous transmission of the workpiece, no intermediate material area, compact structure, small area

Blast cleaning process easy to integrate into the automatic production line, reduce operating costs

Almost no manual operation is needed to improve the working environment and eliminate the risk of the operator.

QBC swing bed series Shotblast cleaning machine:

QBC series of swing bed type shot blasting machine is the introduction of disamatic advanced technology, research and development of shot blasting machine combined with our company nearly twenty years of experience in manufacturing the launch of a new blast cleaning equipment. For a large number of small castings, forging, welding blast cleaning can be cleaned. The convex concave surface of the projectile coverage > 95%, can meet the requirements of various materials blasting process. Two workpiece polishing head models a clean up 1500 kilograms of workpiece, three polishing head models can be a clean up 2500 kg pieces; PLC automatic control, can realize continuous production operation. And compared with the production of large, stable steel traditional crawler shot blasting machine the tilt and roller blasting, low failure rate; to update the latest products.

The technical characteristics of QBC multi angle swing bed blasting machine series:

The equipment carrying device for an upper opening of multi angle swing bed, around its longitudinal axis as 120 degrees swing back and forth. The multi angle shape ensures that the casting of stable turnover. Shot blasting device is arranged in is at the top of the casting, to ensure that the blast flow ejection can all direct action was thrown on the casting. When in unloading, multi angle turning bed to opening down, the cleaned casting unloaded to the vibrating trough, then automatically transferred back to the loading position to accept the charge. The series Shotblast cleaning machine has the following advantages:

1 the swing bed structure, overcome the horizontal drum card and steel crawler shot blasting machine breaking the link.

2 hydraulic automatic loading and unloading conveying vibration can be carried out simultaneously, safe and reliable, high productivity.

3. Unique multi angle bed body design, can make the workpiece on the swing bed kept rolling, on a variety of complex structure of the mixed casting can clean the ejection.

4 the bed is made of Mn13, which is made of no magnetic abrasive resistant material, and the service life is 5-8 years.

5. The machine can not only intermittent operation, it applies clean the in medium and small batch; due to its unique structure, it can easily integrated into the continuous production line.

6 the configuration of the pulse filter cartridge or bag type dust collector, dust emission is lower than the national standard.

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