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Sophisticated Equipment Tumble Belt Type Shot-Blasting Machine

Sophisticated Equipment Tumble Belt Type Shot-Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine, Garage Equipment, Paint Room manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Tumble Belt Type Shot-Blasting Machine, Two Post Hydraulic Car Lift, Economical Paint Booth and so on.

GN,SNB rubber track shot blasting machine was consisted of shot blasting shot blasting machine, shot blasting assembly, pellets circulation purification system, automatic feeding system (optional), track system, dust removal system and electrical control, etc.(Please see the figure total program)
Shot in a warehouse after a predetermined number of artifacts added, pneumatic door automatically shut down, the machine starts, the workpiece is driven by the drum and start flipping, and shot blasting high-speed projectiles thrown by fan-shaped beam evenly against the workpiece surface. Projectile thrown from the hole and sand on the track, flows into the bottom of the screw conveyor, conveyor within the hoist, the hoist mentioned separator for separation. Dusty gas from the fan to suck in dust filtration, into clean air into the atmosphere, air-cleaning dust fall into the bottom of the precipitator dust box, the user can periodically clear. Waste sand discharged from the waste pipe can be reused. Pill sand mixture from the pipe back into the chamber body recovered, separated and then be separated recycling; clean projectile by the gate into the pill for shot blasting and polishing work pieces.

Equipment and Parts description
The machine consists of the cleaning chamber, blasting, pneumatic lifting door, gas control valve for pellets, gas control system, automatic unloading system, hoist, screw blower, separation system, electrical system and other components.
3GN、SNB、GN20X belong to rubber track series,GN20G、GN40G belong to steel track series。
3GN-I、SNB-I are automatic door series,
3GN-II、6GN-II、SNB-II、GN20X、GN20、GN40 are all automatic door series、automatic feeding series.

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