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Life Drawing Wheel Drawing Process Materials

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Life drawing-round plays what role? 

First, this product adopts highly flexible design, selection of high toughness fiber and minerals and materials, through special adhesive to glue together, designed for surface irregularities, designed and manufactured parts that require surface effect, after plating or metal sanding, sand, wood or wood frame wood products, such as grinding, deburring, and primer. Welding of stainless steel surface, scratch after repair, can effectively restore the drawing lines, using quick and easy.

Two, black diamond wire wheel uses: widely used in high hardness stainless steel, steel, and wood products such as surface finishes drawing, so that products have special uniform and clear provisions. Used to remove surface coating, surface rust removed, clean inside diameter of pipe, welds or dirt. Cleaning painted or painted metal surface treatments to increase adhesion, welded or glued to a surface resistance of epoxy resin layer to clear before weld inspection, clear weld residue, welding points, qualify or finish corner processing.

Drawing materials for life-drawing technology round three, sand drawing-wheel advantages: strong cutting force, sand paper with antistatic treatment, clear lines. Particularly adapted to irregular shaped workpieces, does not burn the workpiece surface and tough, durable, efficient, self-sharpening, polishing, cutting power, long life, clear lines. Drawing rounds of many kinds of products: nylon wire wheels, Emery cloth wire wheel, wool material brushed wheels, rubber wire wheels, steel alloy wire wheels.

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