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Sand Blasting Equipment S Choice

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Blasting equipment selection

1, in general, Sand Blasting Equipment sandblasting effect is mainly determined by the parts of materials and sandblasting abrasive. According to the different parts of the material, sandblasting abrasive range from the effect of strong metal abrasive to the effect of soft resin abrasive, Sand Blasting Equipment while dry sandblasting and liquid sandblasting is also a key consideration factors.

2, the production efficiency to determine the type of equipment: According to the processing capacity to choose automatic sandblasting production line, semi-automatic sandblasting equipment, Sand Blasting Equipment pressure into the sandblasting machine, suction sandblasting machine.

3, the workpiece size to determine the equipment specifications: According to the size of the workpiece to select the cabin size, in order to have enough space to complete the work.

4, compressed air requirements: According to the equipment specifications to determine the air compressor capacity, and leave 20% margin to protect the air compressor service life.

A function or use

1 . The cleaning of the surface of the workpiece can be used as the rust layer of the metal, the residual salt and the oxide layer on the surface of the heat treated piece, the oxide layer on the surface of the rolled piece, the oxide layer on the surface of the forged part, Sand Blasting Equipment the oxide layer on the surface of the weldment, the molding sand and the oxide , The surface of the additive parts of the residual dirt and tiny burrs, the old parts of the surface treatment, to remove the surface attachment layer, revealing the basic character, surface cleaning quality can reach Sa3 level.

2 . Pretreatment of the surface of the workpiece before coating can be used as a pre-treatment process for various electroplating processes, brush plating processes, Sand Blasting Equipment spraying processes and bonding processes to obtain an active surface to improve adhesion between the coating, coating and adhesive The

3. Changing the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece can change the surface stress state of the workpiece, improve the lubrication conditions with the coupling, Sand Blasting Equipment reduce the noise during the occasional movement. Can make the workpiece surface hardening, improve the wear resistance of parts and anti-fatigue strength.

4. The surface finishing of the workpiece can change the workpiece surface roughness Ra value. Can produce matt or diffuse reflection of the workpiece surface, Sand Blasting Equipment in order to achieve the purpose of finishing processing.

Polyurethane Modified Epoxy Epoxy Paint (Topcoat) as a Buried Metal Tank Outer Wall Anticorrosion , With good adhesion, water resistance, chemical resistance, microbial corrosion resistance, Sand Blasting Equipment easy construction, etc., is the ideal coating varieties, coating life of up to 30 years. Sand Blasting Equipment Construction supporting the use of new blasting equipment, mung bean sand particle size maintained at 12mm, high pressure airless spray technology to ensure quality, to achieve satisfactory results. Paint non-toxic, Sand Blasting Equipment the construction of the environment without pollution. The use of wet-to-wet process to thicken the coating can greatly shorten the construction cycle.

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