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Spring Shot Blasting Machine Clean Up

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Spring Shot Blasting Machine Through the type of shot blasting machine is mainly used for steel and various types of small steel surface cleaning, through the shot blasting, remove the steel surface corrosion, dirt, oxide, etc., so that steel rust, decontamination, strengthening the role, Spring Shot Blasting Machine Improve the anti-fatigue strength of the workpiece, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the steel surface and intrinsic quality. This equipment can be used with preheating, painting, drying, etc. Spring Shot Blasting Machine before and after the process equipment to form a production line, can also be used as a separate shot blasting.

Through the type of shot blasting machine mainly include: workpiece conveyor roller, the main vice shot blasting room, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, pill separator, Spring Shot Blasting Machine shot blasting machine, pill control valve, powder pipeline, platform and railings , Dust removal system, electronic control system.

Through the type of shot blasting machine is the surface of the steel shot blasting and coated with a layer of protective primer, so that steel after shot blasting pretreatment, Spring Shot Blasting Machine you can improve the corrosion resistance of products and metal components to improve the anti- Performance, to extend its service life.

Product technical parameters: The following is the Q69 through the type of shot blasting machine various models of technical parameters, according to the characteristics of the workpiece to select a different model. If there is no suitable model for your workpieces, our company will design according to the needs of customers suitable non-standard models, which is more conducive to the improvement of production efficiency, Spring Shot Blasting Machine reduce waste of resources and cost.

1, comprehensive digestion and absorption of GF.DISA design technology in Switzerland, so that the machine has advanced design, reasonable structure, Spring Shot Blasting Machine reliable operation, high production efficiency.

2, the project schematic diagram, shot blasting machine full set of drawings entirely using computer-aided design (CAD) drawing.

3, the use of large shot peening,Spring Shot Blasting Machine high power, high ejection speed Q034II direct centrifugal shot blasting machine. The layout of the shot blasting machine through the computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation, processing all the sections of the workpiece can get the projectile direct.

4, clean the indoor use of chrome alloy cast iron for protection, Spring Shot Blasting Machine special nuts fixed, with only mouth convergence, modular structure installation, easy to replace, long service life.

5, the separator with full curtain separator, Spring Shot Blasting Machine the separation effect is good. Pills, slag, dust separation efficiency of 99%.

Screw conveyor with advanced three-stage seal protection, sealing effect is good.

6, the use of filter dust filter composed of dust system, indoor 15Mg / m3, outdoor emissions 65Mg / m3, environmental indicators higher than GB16297-1996 national emission standards.

7, the whole assembly structure, Spring Shot Blasting Machine beautiful appearance, anti-rust paint and finish double spray, to rust, the purpose of landscaping.

Product quality assurance measures

1. Products required steel, profiles are purchased from the brand-name manufacturers.

2. The steel plates, Spring Shot Blasting Machine profiles or components that make up the equipment shall be sprayed with a primer after rust removal.

3. The supporting standard parts as much as possible from the brand-name manufacturers to buy, such as bearings, motors, reducer and so on.

4. key components shot blasting factory load test, the movement of the factory empty run test.

5. By the design, Spring Shot Blasting Machine quality inspection personnel to set up a special quality supervision group, supervision of the implementation of the above steps to ensure product quality.

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