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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine Decorative Effect

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

In order to give full play to the protection of the paint on the substrate, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the decorative effect of the surface quality of the substrate directly affects the quality of the coating works. So the role of steel plate pretreatment line in the coating construction is very large.

Practice has proved that most of the deep defects are from the poor surface treatment, any paint in the treatment of poor surface can not play its best performance in the oxide, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine corrosion, oil surface paint, whether it is time or money , Are a great waste, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine high-grade surface treatment quality will extend the service life of the paint.

The surface treatment of the steel sheet before painting is divided into two stages

After the steel plate enters the plant, the raw material of the steel material is treated before processing to remove the scale and rust of the surface, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine and the temporary protection workshop primer is applied after the derusting standard to ensure that the steel will not continue in the process of manufacturing the building Corrosion, this stage of the steel plate treatment we call the steel surface pretreatment, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the advantage is easy to build, to ensure the quality of painting, saving human and financial resources, shorten the construction period of late painting.

Another stage of treatment is in the steel processed into a workpiece after the integration into the whole, to be painted steel surface treatment, called "secondary rust", but generally do not adopt this method.

In the domestic shipbuilding, container, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine large machinery industry, the general use of steel pre-treatment line equipment shot blasting machine shot blasting method for abrasive treatment, jet abrasive treatment and pickling treatment in three ways. Which to obtain high efficiency, high-quality automatic flow of water, there are only shot blasting treatment.

Shot blasting is the use of road shot blasting machine impeller in the high-speed rotation generated by the centrifugal force of the pellets (steel balls, steel wire, angular grit, etc.) at a high speed to the surface of steel to be treated, And grinding action, remove the steel surface oxide and rust, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine so that the steel surface exposed metal color and presents a certain degree of roughness, in order to facilitate the adhesion of paint.

Shot blasting pretreatment lines, in general, there are two types: First, the steel plate pretreatment line, the other is the steel pretreatment pipeline, the two working principle is consistent, is the shipyard, container, large port machine factory One method, the general steel structure produced by the second method, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the purpose of the two methods are consistent in order to ensure the quality of painting.

Steel plate transport process or after a long period of piling, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine will produce deformation, in the production of the workpiece, affecting the processing accuracy, so the steel plate should be leveling treatment. After the leveling can be part of the surface of the steel oxide loose part of the fall off on the Road after the shot has great benefits, while leveling machine capacity are different 5mm-30mm is appropriate.

After the steel plate is loaded, the transfer of each process is completed by the roller table.

The roller table is usually cylindrical, both ends of the bearing, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine roller spacing of 500 ~ 750mm, after the completion of the spraying work, in order to prevent contact with the roller side of the paint is damaged, the structure of the roller table has special requirements, So the general roller and steel plate contact parts will not produce a large area of the workshop primer damage, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine affected by the small.

The roughness of the steel surface after shot blasting refers to the depth of the residual traces of the steel on the steel plate when the shot is shot, the roughness is too small, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the surface of the steel plate is smooth, the coating adhesion is poor, the roughness is large and the paint can not cover the roughness , Easy to form pitting, and will increase the paint consumption, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the general inorganic zinc silicate workshop primer roughness of 40 ~ 75渭m, must control the following aspects:

1, to maintain a good impeller speed, so that steel launcher too fast too slow, and to control the amount of sand shot.

2, adjust the ratio of steel balls and angular sand.

3, steel balls and angular sand diameter, abrasive particle size

4, control the good throw and steel angle and distance.

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