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Tips Of Portable Type Shot Blasting Machine

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Mar 13, 2017

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Working conditions

1.The work-surface unevenness <20mm; no water and relatively dry; slope <25掳.

2.Work temperature: -20 鈩 ~ 60 鈩; steel surface temperature is greater than the dew point of 3 鈩 or more.

3.Humidity:  the relative humidity of steel surface not more than 90% when shoting blasting,

the  relative humidity of concrete is not more than 95% when shot blasting.

4.Elevation: 0~3000m; don't working in the rain and snow weather operation.


1.Portable shot blasting machine's operation and preparation is simple .

2.Portable shot blasting machine using the frequency control,  PLC control,  phase sequence protection,  text display and many other advanced electrical control technology to ensure the accurate realization of the function.

3.Portable shot blasting machine work of a wide format, and has a high efficiency.

4.Portable shot blasting machine equiped with automatic pulse dust cleaning, can achieve continuous work.

5.Steel shot within the device automatically cycle, consumption is very low.

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